Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Decision

A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to move to Oregon. The Pacific Northwest is an area I have always wanted to at least visit, if not live. Something about it draws me close in an embrace of ideals, hopes and visionary spectaculars. I read a book called "Ecotopia" in college, and it was set in this region. The progressiveness of the book combined with my deepset belief that everything can work out for the better if you join a group people committed to the same dream. Much like in the movie The Beach. This idea is one reason I'm obsessed with Thomas Jefferson and the Anti-Federalists. I'm all about states' rights, and I think governments and societies can be better (both in terms of efficiency and beneficiency to the people) when smaller and more dedicated to a local set of ideals.

I am older and less naive now. I have been lambasted by fellow drunks engrossed in political discussion, all of us deadset on trying to get someone else to agree with or, at the very least, understand our viewpoints and how we arrived at them. But they succeeded. I have changed quite a big, and I do realize that simply thinking like others and being will to work toward an ideal isn't going to make the world a better, more liveable place. This action is how organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis came to power. An undeniable force for a cause = not always a good thing. It's all relative.

But back to Oregon. I have enough sense to know that when I move up there I won't be surrounded by the humorous, peace loving, liberal people I always envisioned live up there. Not everyone is progressive. Not everyone is cool. And this is ok. I just want to live there.

I want to live there for the trees, for the close proximity to the ocean, for the green everywhere, for something different. To try it out. Now is really the best time for me to go. I haven't started graduate school yet (or even applied for that matter), I'm in a really good place as far as having a support group, I'm ready to move on from my job, and in regards to timing...this is a good time financially.

I'm leaving May 30th to drive up there. Hopefully I'll arrive and be moved in by June 3-4, and then I head to Vancouver for Kim and Liz's wedding! I'm subleasing for the summer, and I'll live with two guys in a house. They already have a dog, and they both seem to be contributing members of society. They told me they enjoy doing cookouts and having people over, so this will be a good way to meet people, but not necessarily commit to anyone long term over Craigslist.

SO! We're having a going away party either May 25 or May 24, still need to work that out. I'm very excited!