Sunday, July 26, 2009


I am back from Portland and beer-soaked weekend of fun. I signed up to volunteer at the festival, so I was able to go the day before to actually drink some brews for free. For volunteering I got a mug, 8 tokens, and a volunteer shirt! Super cool. It was extremely hot, and we walked the 2+ miles to the actual fest. So by the time I got there, I was super thirsty for some beer. It was great; I loved it. I can't wait to go back next year! Then today I worked in the tokens tent, selling tokens to thirsty folks. I was a little worried about that, what with my dyscalculia and counting the tokens, but it was fine. We ran out of mugs on Saturday, so there were no "packages" (1 mug and 4 tokens for $10). Instead it was just a free cup and each token cost $1. People had a really hard time comprehending that.

There was live music, tasty-smelling food (I didn't eat any), and of course...awesome beer! I wish I could remember everything I tried!! I did try the ginger hibiscus beer, and I have finally come to the decision that I don't like gingery things. Which is sad, because I love the word.

I am super tired! Something is really frakking with my allergies today. So far I'm two benadryl and one cetirizine in, and it looks like there will be no hope to stop sneezing.

I am going to watch some Avatar: The Last Airbender now!

some really pretty stargazer lilies in someone's garden on the way back from brewfest

A view of Portland and one of its water source reservoirs on Mt. Tabor
Hibiscus Ginger beer

A view of the brewfest from the burnside bridge

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I had a highly productive day. Work was busy, and I felt focused. After work I cleaned the house up and did dishes, walked the dog for awhile, stopped by the neighborhood picnic at a local park, and played frisbee with the dogs. Then I read Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince for awhile outside. I was tired and ready to watch the most recent episode of Weeds (I was counting on falling asleep in the middle of it) and dream away.

However I checked Facebook. A debate was brewing on a friend's page regarding universal healthcare. The person who held the opposite view made several wide generalizations, which I refuted in a not-so-coherent series of sentences. No, they didn't have flow. That wasn't my intention. He then unleashed an essay of further ridiculousness, to which I had no choice but to respond. Basically it turned into a pissing contest. This is why I don't truly argue politics or religion anymore. You're NOT going to change my mind, and chances are I'm not going to change your mind. That's why we vote for our representation.

I'm so beyond frustrated right now, I can't even think straight. I'm frustrated because in the past few days/weeks, I have seen more systematic racism and sexism than I'd like to ever see in my lifetime. I'm tired of the WASPs in the senate constantly referring to Judge Sotomayor's "latina passion." What the hell does that have to do with anything? If for no other reason, given her skills and qualifications, she should be appointed solely to represent an important and vast portion of American society. Also, people still refuse to admit that systematic racism exists in America. It's almost like the logic is "well we let them drink out of the same fountains and attend the same schools, so they should have caught up by now." Well that logic is so faulted. And frankly it covers up what I think most real sentiments are.

This isn't about being "liberal" or "conservative." This is about recognizing equals rights, abilities, and basic liberties among ALL people. And until that happens, our society cannot properly function.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting married soon?

I'm at the age where it seems like everyone and their grandma is getting married. I'm okay with that! I LOVE weddings (especially the ones with open bars and plenty of single guys). A good friend of mine is getting married this summer, and she had a creative idea for the wedding favors. She has made drink coasters with the Chinese symbol for love on them. It's very "her," and goes well with the Chinese theme of the wedding.

However, today, as I was making a memorial gift online at, I noticed the option for "Wedding Favors" on the donation page. Curious, I clicked on it not sure what to expect. Apparently, you can make a blanket donation to the ASPCA, and they will send you notecards for you to place on your guests' chairs, chapel pews, or in the wedding program. What a GREAT IDEA! I think this is the best idea I've heard all year. Wedding favors are expensive, and if you have a couple hundred guests, the cost can add up! Why not just save yourself the trouble, and SAVE animals while you're at it?

So I guess I can add this to my list of reasons why I want to get married and have a wedding (the list currently contains: honeymoon, party, a chance to force people to listen to a music playlist I've created without interruption, and of course the promise of eternal damnation love).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm having a really hard time focusing at work right now. Why?

A) UPS guy just came. I actually managed to sputter out a conversation. But, probably from the rush of excitement, my asthma is acting up. I love a lot. He is mellow and actually takes time to talk (or pet Luna all up on him when she was here). Plus he's incredibly hot.

B) 4th of July weekend. Need I say more? It's my favorite holiday for sure. My friend Candice is in town, and a group of us are camping at Crater Lake. It should be a BLAST! The weekend is kicking off tomorrow at Jasmine's for some good times and fireworks.

Ok, between UPS guy and 4th of July I think I have substantial cause for not being able to focus.

My power cord on my laptop died this weekend. After visiting Best Buy then calling Best Buy, it appears as though I have two free power cords (thanks warranty!) coming my way. UPS guy delivered one today :-).

I can already taste the tequila, ninkasi, forest air, and campfire. aaaahhhhhhh.