Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have been TERRIBLE about updating my blog. Admittedly I attribute this in part to the feeling that the wonderful things about Oregon I have loved are no longer a novelty to me, though I continue to enjoy them. Perhaps I should change the name/focus of the blog.

But truth be told, I have been busy. Work has been lively and productive, and I have had the opportunity to tackle new projects. We are gearing up for a huge trip in February to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. I will be accompanying 50 high school-aged youth and 8 adults, who will be serving as mentors/chaperones, for a week in Vancouver. It is definitely an exciting and adventurous prospect. The three Oregon-based mentors (myself and two of my friends) will be taking a quick trip to San Francisco in a couple of weeks to meet the youth and other mentors. Since we're all friends, we decided to make a weekend out of it and see a bit of San Fran and stay with one of the mentor's sister in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

I've also been busy outside of work with my book clubs, a Pilates class I recently started, volunteering at the KLCC radiothon, going to Duck games, and planning upcoming events! This weekend I'm hosting a few friends at my house for a Julia Child's cooking night, going to a Pumpkin Food Social at the UU Eugene church (all food will have pumpkin in it), and heading to Portland for a matinee of either Where the Wild Things Are or Paranormal Activity and going to a preseason Blazers game against the Nuggets. Tonight I hope to start an applique project for my friend's soon to be born baby. I also hope to make a pumpkin dish for the pot luck tomorrow. I'm debating between pumpkin ravioli and pumpkin muffins.

The fun doesn't end there! But you can see I've been pretty busy, and as a result I feel like I've neglected some of the simpler things I enjoy, like finding and purchasing/downloading music, writing, etc.

Ok, now that I've enjoyed a quick break from working, it's time to get BACK to work.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Well, I've moved again! Let's have a rundown of the places I have lived in the past year and a half, shall we?

I lived at my parents' house in Arlington, TX for a year and a half before moving to Oregon in May of 2008.

Once in Oregon, I subleased a room for two months, sharing the house with two law school students. This was definitely a time of adjustment, as I learned about Eugene and tried to make some friends.

For the month of August, I lived in a boring house on the boring side of town. The exciting part was that my roommate was kind of crazy! I GTFO as soon as I could.

From September 08 through Sept 11, 2009, I lived back in my old Eugene neighborhood (the Friendly Street Neighborhood) with Susan and her two dogs. A cute house (albeit in shambles), a roommate very similar to me, and VERY dog friendly. It was a good place to live, and I have lots of fond memories here.

My landlord decided to put the house up for sale, so I began looking for new places to live. It was unlikely that Susan and I would find a place that would accept our combined three dogs, so I looked for other options. I found a house in Springfield that was in my budget, would take Luna (without a deposit!), would provide me my OWN bathroom, and was a nice, clean house with a normal, responsible, easygoing and friendly roommate. I jumped on that opportunity!

So here Luna and I are, living in a new house...again. The biggest adjustment this time was the two cats that my current roommate has. But Luna and the cats seem to have chilled out a bit and are getting along wonderfully. I'm still able to get out and about in Eugene, though I really miss being able to walk to the organic food market by my old house. I also miss my old neighborhood, but this new one has an excellent walking/biking path right by my house. Luna loves it.

Hopefully I will get to stay here for awhile, though I know it's not permanent. Who knows where life will take me next?