Monday, March 29, 2010

random thoughts for the evening.

Who do these cats think they are?

I'm moving. Again.

I should rap. Not only have I produced the infamous "mad rap libs" (too rated NC-17 for this venue), but I've got a great one in the works now. It goes like... "I got two mugs of bacon grease sittin' up in my fridge.... I'm 'bout to cook 'em up in some fat pork ribs." But...envision I mumbled that with a thick southern accent and with Li'l Wayne's inflection.

Why does Sirius XM play Bruce Springsteen on the 80s channel, when there is an E Street Channel?

I get way too verklempt when I watch The West Wing.

I also get way, way too excited when I find my cold medicine, which I just spent 10 minutes looking for.

I found out today that the hospital whose ER I graced with my presence last October has been billing an insurance company whose name is remarkably similar to my insurance company. So, for the last several months I have been declared ineligible for benefits by this company...who does not insure me. This is a mistake on the hospital's part. As such, I left them a rudely-toned voicemail today, and I do not feel bad about it.

Tonight as I started to cook dinner, I ate a new "Eat Right" snack bar. I choked on it, and had nothing in the fridge to drink (to clear my throat) except beer. So I opened. I drank that as I cut mushrooms, peppers, and onions for my spaghetti this week. Then I drank another as I boiled pasta and cooked ground turkey. Then, for giggles, I had a 3rd beer, halfway through which I realized...I had completely lost my appetite.

And now I'm blogging, semi-inebriated. awesome.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Remember that time something happened (or didn't happen...), and you thought it was this massively earth-crumbling event that was going to for sure make your life worse for the wear?

Perhaps now you've forgotten the details, looked back and laughed at the situation, or thank Buddha it happened --- even if, at the time, it seemed like the most awful thing ever.

Well, I'm reminding myself of this phenomenon right now, so I don't get bent out of shape about a very trivial issue.

In other news, Blitzen Trapper's new album is out in June. Take a sneak peek at one of the tracks, "Heaven and Earth" on SubPop's site. (It's in the "LISTEN" section on the page) I'm LOVING it. Eric Earley's voice is....great. :-)