Sunday, November 7, 2010

before kids...

I have an overwhelming number of friends who are about to start trying to have babies or are thinking about starting to try. I'm happy for them that they're at that point in their life, and they feel like this is a positive next step for them. However, these people are my age, and that kind of freaks me out. I can safely say that I am nowhere close to being ready to have a kid right now -- for a lot of reasons. I would need more financial security, have advanced more in my career, and I lack the necessary partner, etc. But I think one of the major reasons I'm not ready is there is so much I want to do BEFORE I have kids. So I've started a "bucket list," but instead of wanting to accomplish all of this before I die, I want to do it before I have a kid. I'm sure it will grow as I think of new things...

1. skydiving
2. cross-country trip
3. a really long backpacking/river float trip
4. go to Vegas
5. lots more all-night dance parties
6. get another dog
7. go to Spain for a month (or three) and make random plans once I'm there
8. go to and graduate from grad school
9. get lost somewhere in the middle of the United States
10. go on a Mediterranean cruise or even a Caribbean cruise
11. brew and drink my own beer
12. build a treehouse...
13. get my owl and pura vida tattoos
14. a couple more music festivals

That's what I thought of in a 10 minute period, but, like I said, I'm sure as time goes on, I'll have more to add. I don't want to make it seem like I think being a parent is a boring, life-sucking thing. I don't necessarily think that... I just think there are a lot of things you might not be able to do once you have a kid. So...I'd like to get on that. Perhaps I'll start with the easiest ones...tattoos, beer brewing, and skydiving.