Sunday, January 25, 2009


I took a nap too late today. My energy is probably still zapped from staying up all night Friday, so I could read Eclipse.

I really love the Twilight series. I'm glad I'm not the only intelligent woman who loves it.

It's been a good couple of weeks. Some good game nights, good movies, some nice weather and hiking, and enjoying the company of good people.

I've been reading a lot lately. I bought The Diplomat's Wife at Borders. That book really sucks. I wonder what the return policy is at Borders. I very rarely return items, but then I very rarely buy full-priced books.

I saw Revolutionary Road today. It was of one the scariest movies I've ever seen. No, it's not a horror film. The scary part is that it's real.

I went to the Eugene Home Show this weekend. I heard an interesting speech about Oregon's natural disasters. Apparently a major earthquake will happen relatively soon, causing us to shift 30 ft west. Relatively soon being within the next 200 years, but it could happen today. I also got a Lemon Ginger Yogi Tea sample at the home show. I bought another book. But I'm pretty sure I'll like this one; it's called Cabin Fever.

I'm really looking forward to summer. Now that I know all the opportunities available to me, I will seize it fully. 4th of July at Crater Lake, Sarah visiting, potential trips to Minnesota and DFW, the purchase of a propane grill and gardening are just a few of the things I'm excited about.

But first, I need to clean out my car. I'm missing a lot of things. I have a feeling they're in there somewhere.

This year is Oregon's 150th year of statehood. Apparently for the centennial celebration, all the men grew beards. This is something I wholeheartedly support. I love beards.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Club o' Graphic

Last night my friend and I were discussing writing, reading and music. As I was fumbling to describe how I'd eventually like to write, I found myself comparing that end result to graphic novels. While I'm not 100% sure on how that comparison popped into my head, she and I continued to discuss how graphic novels take the hard route to convey a theme. It's not necessarily as obvious as a lot of other types of literature.

There is often a lot to discuss about graphic novels, such as characters and their development, plot turns, and what the hell does that picture of that bunny with red eyes sitting on a four-leaf clover on pg. 32 mean. Then I got the great idea to start a graphic novel book club in Eugene.

I have read maybe 2-3 graphic novels all the way through in my lifetime, but I thoroughly enjoyed each one. So I'm definitely an eager novice to the graphic novel scene, and I would hope that such a club would help me find other ones to read and enjoy.

I'm already in two book clubs, and with my tendency to procrastinate, avoid obligation and randomly start other books, that poses enough of a problem in my literary life. But I don't think a graphic novel club would worsen that. They're easy to read, and they can often be finished in a night.

So...this is something for me to think about. I might do some research first, like check out the library's stock of such books.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Infamous Joke

How is it that this is just now clicking with me?

My dad was fairly notorious for his outlandish jokes and comments. A long time ago some family friends lost their dad. My dad's response? "Too bad, so sad. No dad."

I just wrote an email to a friend saying "too bad, so sad." In my head I finished the statement with "no dad." When the irony of it all hit me, I laughed. I like to think that Dad is laughing with me, wherever he is.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is 25 Really Alive?

In short, yes.

With this new age and entry into the mid 20's, I acknowledge that I'm slowly slipping out of my formative years and into my "hardened with age" years. If there are still qualities, traits and habits I want to change, NOW is the time. I've been pondering upon this quite a bit tonight. The list is long, but not long enough to hate my current self.

At any rate, the whole weekend was great. Yesterday was filled with two hours of dog-parking/dog walking, two more hours of laser tag followed by dinner and games at a friend's house, then staying up and talking with my roommate. So I decided to sleep in to an inappropriate time today. Upon waking up I saw I had missed several well-wishing phone calls from my favorite individuals. After talking to all of them, I got some barbecue, which even turned out to be really good. Then my friend and I headed to see a Bijou matinee of Slumdog Millionaire, but it was sold out. So we went to the mall to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I have been wanting to see this movie, I read a couple of glowing blog reviews, and I was pleased.

The movie somewhat stunned me, because I found myself thinking about my dad during the whole thing. I can't place my finger on why, but I suspect the movie's reflections on aging and an aspect of fatherhood played a large role, as did the placement of Louisiana life and a few WWII scenes. Aside from that, it was the perfect movie to see on a 25th birthday where I find myself evaluating where I've been, who I've become, and where I'd like to go. I have a lot more I'd like to say about the movie, but I actually think I'd need to see it again and hopefully not be distracted by mournful thoughts of my dad. This movie made me miss him more desperately than anything I've encountered since his death, a feeling that occured in the first two minutes of the movie and lasted throughout.

The night ended with my roommate presenting me with a cake topped with 25 lit candles! She also gave me a pedicure set, which I promptly used while watching my ridiculous Sunday night shows.

And now that I'm getting old...I'm up way too late.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bum Fights

Did any of you ever watch those "movies?" Bum Fights? I watched it a couple of times with my brother, juggling horror and amusement. Bums always make me feel guilty. Guilty for having money, a car, a warm house, food, a bed, a family that cares... Guilty for pretty much existing. I think that's why I avoid them so.

Bums also make me angry at the government and subsequently, angry at the people. I am starting to realize that politicians care about two things: A) getting re-elected and B) making deals with their buddies to get their own agendas passed. To get re-elected, you mostly have to listen to your constituents. I honestly feel like and hope that if people harassed their senators and representatives enough, the change they want could come about. Instead, most of us wait until election day to pick the person whose beliefs are most aligned with our own. My point is that if we really wanted better resources for the homeless, mentally ill and drug addicted folks in our communities...there would be better resources. I'm being horrifically naive today.

I'll stop digressing. Eugene is rife with bums and hobos (there is a difference between the two; I'm stuck in the 30's). My uncle was a hobo during the depression. I'd like to talk to him. The stories that died alongside my father sadden me. I wish I'd written them down.

These Oregon hobobums range in age, many are addicted to meth, some are actually attractive (the beard gets me everytime), and lots have dogs. I tend to care more about dogs than I do people, so when I consider the HoboDog's life, I become sad/glad. I wonder if there are dogs who, like people, desire a life of wandering about. I know a few beagles who wouldn't mind that. But I also know dogs who love the comfort of a blanket, the hum of a television and the warmth of the radiator exuding heat onto their wet bum (Luna, after a good rain). These dogs must be hungry, and a lot of bums hold up signs requesting money to buy their dog food.

Yesterday, for some reason, I believed the bum. While he stood on the curb, his dog lay at his feet, dozing away. After having recently seen Marley & Me, my heart swelled for love of this dog. I fished around for the $5 bill I was going to use to get gas, rolled down my window and waved to the guy. He was in his late 20's, actually kind of cute, and I honestly thought he was just traveling through, taking a break from the Pacific Crest Trail (yeah, in midwinter? get real, brooke). He yanked the leash, startling his dog, who excitedly followed him as he ran up to my car. He saw the $5, and his eyes lit up, and he said....

"Sweet! Enough for a full gram...and a half!"

**on a side note. I advise against using a container that recently housed salsa as a way to transport milk. Spicy milk can really kill an appetite.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolutions and a Horrifying Moment

I have three resolutions for this year:

1. Be on time. Pretty much ANYONE who has done ANYTHING with me knows that I'm late all the time and everywhere I go. I have always attributed this to my dyscalculia, but there's a time when the crutch becomes the disabilty. I also try to say that I'm "living in the now" and enjoying my moments, like five minutes of belly scratching with Luna when I SHOULD be getting ready for something. But, it's time to kiss that delusion goodbye. Sorry Luna.

2. Go to church. Pick your jaw up off the ground. The last time I went to church was with Dad, and I'm sure going again will remind me of him. But I won't be going to a Presbyterian church. I'm going to the Unitarian church, which is far better suited to my system of beliefs. Though, I will miss the hymns.

3. I actually just went blank on what the 3rd one was going to be. But I like the idea of eating a piece of fruit a day. By "piece" I don't mean a cube of pineapple. I mean like..a decent amount. Everyday. The market by my house will help fulfill this mission.
**EDIT: 4. My original third resolution was to keep my desk at work organized.

Now for the horrifying moment. With Christmas passing and my birthday coming up, I decided to make an Amazon Wish List. Partially for me to keep track of things I want (despite my whole...zen attempt to be free of material things), and also so my friends and family can purchase something they know I will like. Even if it's not EXACTLY what's on the list, they'll have a good idea of what I need/want. I have everything from biodegradable dogpoop sacks to a morrocan lantern for my room on that list.

For a long time I have been wanting a magazine subscription, and you can purchase those on Amazon. Well, I hate most magazines. They're SO mainstream and SO full of advertisements, I just don't enjoy them. But lately I am finding myself to be more mainstream and like most people. I greet this realization with shock, dismay, ease and general "okay with that" feelings. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I'm surrounded by Oregon people rather than Dallas people. I would probably not feel this way if I was in Dallas.

But today, to my utmost horror I slowly, unconsciously moved my cursor and clicked on "Add to Wish List." What did I add? A subscription to O, Oprah's magazine. Probably the MOST mainstream magazine out there. Don't ask, I don't know.

oh. Click here for the wish list. :-)