Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy day

Yesterday started off really crappily, mostly due to not feeling well. But then at some point in the morning I resolved "it's only going to get better...." and it sure did! So what made the day so glorious?

1. I finally made contact with (and heard back from) a graduate school program I'm looking at applying to.
2. Peja Stojakovic is now a Dallas Maverick! HOLLA!
3. My favorite lunch place was making lamb stew for today, and gave me a bowl of it for FREE. The dude that works there sort of knows me and knows how much I love lamb stew. Then he, the Scottish lawyer who also goes a lot, and I talked about local restaurants. He also made some interesting dessert, which I got a little bit of.
4. Had a great workout. It was my first workout in...too long.
5. It was sunny, and the sunset blew me away.
6. Got to hang out and catch up with my good friend.

So just six things, but those are all great things. I have three blogs in mind: 1. Black Swan 2. The Amateur Strip-off at John Henry's and 3. Facebook At some point soon I hope to actually write these and post 'em. See you when I do!